Green roof system Place'n Go sedum trays


Met het Groendakpakket Place ‘n Go kan het dak in zeer korte tijd worden omgetoverd in een groendak. In het pakket zit een beschermdoek, dat aangebracht dient te worden om de dakbedekking te beschermen. De kant-en-klare Sedumtrays kunnen rechtstreeks naast elkaar geplaatst worden op het dak.
Place 'n go Sedum trays have a size of 50 x 50 cm and are very easy to install.

This green roof package contains:
-Place ‘n Go Sedumtray
-Protection cloth

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Place ‘n Go Sedumtray

De Place’n Go Sedumtray is een lichtgewicht tray van schuim, bestaande uit gerecycled polyurethaan. De tray bestaat uit een drainagelaag en een mix van verschillende soorten Sedum. De plantjes groeien op een speciaal substraat. Het begroeiingspercentage bij levering is minimaal 95%.

Protective cover

Consisting of recycled fibres.

System thickness: 70-90 mm
Saturated weight: 45-50 kg/m2
Maximum roof pitch: 15°
Water buffering capacity: 22 L/m2
Dimension of Sedum Tray: 50 x 50 cm

Advantages of a green roof:

- Better for the environment
- Insulating effect
- Extends the life of your roofing material
- Makes a positive contribution to water management
- Positive effect on our well-being
- Increases biodiversity
- Makes the surroundings more beautiful
- ...


Environmentally friendly image

Installing a green roof gives companies a more environmentally friendly image. Working in a green environment also has a positive psychological effect and can contribute to greater job satisfaction and thus higher productivity.

Thermal insulation of the roof

Green roofs reduce temperature fluctuations, which means that the roof does not only have a more moderate temperature regime, but also reduces heating costs in winter and cooling requirements in summer.

Sound insulation

The green roof has a sound-absorbing effect.

Longer life expectancy of roofing material

A green roof lasts longer than a normal roof covering (twice as long as a flat roof with bitumen). The presence of the layer structure protects the roof covering against: UV radiation, heating, freezing and temperature fluctuations of the roof surface, uneven heating of the various roof layers and against mechanical damage.

Water control

Because more pavements are being built, precipitation can hardly penetrate the soil and relatively small showers cause an overload of the local sewerage system, resulting in flooding. Solution: dispose of all precipitation immediately (= increase the retention of precipitation water), for example, by constructing rainwater cisterns or green roofs. Green roofs reduce the runoff of precipitation so that peak discharges are lower, causing less or no overloading of the sewer system and less or no serious flooding.

Air and water treatment

Green roofs do not only absorb harmful substances such as CO, benzol and dust particles, they also break them down. In this way, green roofs contribute to a better living environment by purifying the air. Green roofs also purify the water because polluted precipitation first flows through a green roof, which filters out part of the pollution before it ends up in the watercourses.

Visual advantages

A view of a green environment has a positive effect on people's mood and thus also on their physical health. In addition, the view from a green roof is seasonal, which brings a pleasant variation to the view.


The construction of the sedum cassette consists of 5 layers:

First layer of sedum cassette - the drainage layer:
The rainwater that cannot be absorbed by the cassette can drain off to the sewer without obstruction. For this reason, four drainage holes are made in each cavity at the top and bottom of the water buffer layer.

Second layer of sedum cassette - the water buffering layer:
Rainwater is capillary buffered in a substrate of slightly expanded clay pellets. Excess water that cannot be stored will be drained off quickly. To create an extra buffer for dry periods, non-capillary water is also stored because the drainage holes are placed 1 cm from the bottom.

Third layer of sedum cassette - the filter layer
A non-woven filter fleece ensures that fine particles from the substrate cannot be washed out and clog up the drain holes

Fourth layer of sedum cassette - the substrate layer
The thickness of the substrate layer is adjusted to the needs of the sedum used and to the climate. The substrate layer provides nutrients and water for the sedum on the one hand, and oxygen and anchoring for the roots on the other. The substrate is lightweight, has a high water buffering capacity and is nutritious.

Fifth layer sedum cassette - the sedum
The sedum cassettes are delivered with at least 80 % of vegetation. For the vegetation layer, we work with 10 to 12 different kinds of sedum that are injected and provided with nutrients to root properly.


Financial advantage

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Sedum conditioner

This fertiliser is available in 1kg pots and 5kg buckets.
You will need approx. 1kg of sedum conditioner for 40m².
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Delivery time -> 2 to 5 working days


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