MiStorus Planters


The extensive range of the Storus gives any garden, terrace, balcony or office a breathtaking look.
The accompanying accessories can be the icing on the cake when it comes to style and comfort.
Storus I (1,920 x 1,670 x 500mm)
Storus II (1,440 x 1,120 x 500mm)
Storus III (1,140 x 730 x 390mm)
Storus IV (750 x 690 x 490mm)
Storus V (750 x 550 x 1000mm)
Storus VI (825 x 520 x 300mm)
Storus VII (525 x 485 x 340mm)

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The extensive Storus range gives any garden, terrace, balcony or office a breathtaking look. Discover our flower boxes in the shape of river boulders with granite structure. Thanks to its original design look, MiStorus stands out from the usual round and rectangular flower pots and planters. They are a true eye-catcher in any environment.
The MiStorus is functional in a combination of a garden sculpture, planter and seating object. For the latter function, we mainly look at the largest models, MiStorus I and II.
In addition, each model has a function to do with privacy, so you can personalise blinds completely. Moreover, you can easily move everything around.
You can put the planter inside, for example, which is useful if the plant is sensitive to frost.
The MiStorus family has a wall thickness of 10 mm and can withstand temperatures from -45 °C to +75 °C! Even acids and the high-pressure cleaner are no problem, user-friendliness comes first!

MiStorus LED

16 million shades to suit your mood. In the "ALKADesign" section, you can admire the elegance of our MiStorus stones. Their characteristics and advantages are described visually and in textual form. However, we would like to highlight their function as lighting elements. These translucent white light elements are equipped with a light source. The range includes transparent white, illuminated, but the version with LED lighting in a light colour/colour spectrum of many colours is our absolute showpiece. Really ask to see this product!
Match the colour to your mood or to your favourite colour.
Play with it, especially in combination with your facade. It fits with all modern cladding and also with older building styles.


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Storus l (1,920x1670x500mm), Storus ll (1,440×1,120x500mm), Storus lll (1,140x730x390mm), Storus lV (750x690x490mm), Storus V (600x550x1,000mm), Storus Vl (825x520x300mm ), Storus Vll (525x485x340mm)


granite dark, granite light, granite anthracite, white transparent lighting ESL, white transparent LED lighting 16 million colours


geen, Storus l inzetbak zwart 110L, Storus ll inzetbak zwart 53L, Storus lll inzetbak zwart 17L, Storus lV inzetbak zwart 17L, Storus V inzetbak zwart 13L