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Waste less drinking water by using a rain barrel.
We offer different types of rain barrels that are not only functional,
but also a beautiful accessory for your garden.

Vaso 2 in 1 220 Liter (anthracite or grey)

Modern 2-in-1 rain barrel of 220 litres with the possibility of planting at the top.

- Including integrated planter box of 20 cm depth and with filter fleece
- With two openings for connecting the crane and one for emptying the barrel
- Including plastic gold quick-release valve and wind fuse kit
- Large storage with minimum space usage
- UV stable and weather resistant

Vaso 2 in 1 anthracite






Vaso 2 in 1 grey




WOODY Rain Barrel 350 litres

Rain barrel with realistic wood structure and brass tap included. Made of plastic.
- The structure is different on every tank, making every tank unique
- Large storage with minimum space usage
- Equipped with tap openings on both sides
- Winter/frost resistant if empty and with tap open
- UV stable and weather resistant


Width: 124cm
Height: 100cm
Depth: 40cm
Weight: 35kg
Capacity: 350 litres


Classic Rain Barrel 650L Beige

This rain barrel has a sleek modern look and can also collect a large amount of rainwater.
The classic rain barrel is UV-resistant and comes with a brass tap.


Height: 192cm
Diameter: 80cm
Weight: 31kg
Content: 650L


Classic 650L Beige


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Vaso 2 in 1 Anthracite, Vaso 2 in 1 Grey, Woody Dark, Woody Light, Classic Beige