Tile holder Femox SpiraPave


SpiraPave is a new generation of tile support.

Different parts can be combined to achieve the desired height.
Can be used for heights from 12mm to 74mm as standard. With the Extender TE45 you can increase the height even further by 45mm.

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SpiraPave is a new generation of tile supports whose various components can be combined to achieve the desired height.
This tile support has a minimum height of 12 mm and is ideal for installations where conventional adjustable tile supports cannot be used because they are too large.
The SpiraPave can be combined with a slope corrector, which is placed either on the head or on the base and can correct a slope between 0 and 5%.


  • SpiraPave T11 adjustable from 12-17mm
  • SpiraPave T12 adjustable from 18-23mm
  • SpiraPave T22 adjustable from 24-29mm
  • SpiraPave T33 adjustable from 30-44mm
  • SpiraPave T34 adjustable from 45-59mm
  • SpiraPave T44 adjustable from 60-74mm
  • Extender TE45 height=45mm to be used with T33, T34 and T44
  • Base plate H=3mm, to be used with T12, T22, T33, T34 and T44


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  • Helligcorrector
  • Beam carrier
  • Spacers
  • Tile crosses in various sizes
  • Shims

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SpiraPave T11 (12-17mm), SpiraPave T12 (18-23mm), SpiraPave T22 (24-29mm), SpiraPave T33 (30-44mm), SpiraPave T34 (45-59mm), Spirapave T44 (60-74mm), Extender TE45, Base plate