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Design flower boxes for garden, terrace & roof terrace

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The Trevia planter magically attracts looks. We have succeeded in making the trapezoidal shape
a new dimension, today named 'Trevia'.
The Trevia is not only visually beautiful, but also functional. The sturdy double-walled construction,
in hoogten van 70cm tot maar liefst 150cm en tal van kleuren en verlichte varianten, maken een inzet
to personal taste possible both inside and outside.

De Trevia plantenbakken wordt geproduceerd uit rotatie gegoten zuiver
polyethylene. PE is UV-, frost- and weather-resistant.

The standard range consists of 4 colours: ruby red, anthracite grey, signal white and beige grey and
is complemented by a variant in transparent white, in which a bright illumination makes the colouring
cares. They are available in 5 different sizes:

Trevia I: 777 x 777 x 1500 mm
Trevia II: 675 x 675 x 1300 mm
Trevia III: 570 x 570 x 1100 mm
Trevia IV: 470 x 470 x 900 mm
Trevia V: 360 x 360 x 700 mm
Trevia 900K: 900 x 390 x 900 mm

Deze plantenbak heeft niet alleen een esthetische uitstraling maar is zeker ook functioneel.

Je kan er fantastisch mooi zones mee afbakenen of een zekere privacy garanderen. Zeker de grootste variant,
in a row of three, radiates an incredible 'grandeur'.

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Trevia I, Trevia II, Trevia III, Trevia IV, Trevia V, Trevia 900K


White (RAL 9003), Anthracite (RAL 7016), Ruby red (RAL 3003), Beige grey (RAL 7006), White transparent with lighting, White transparent with lighting LED-RGB


None, Trevia I tray, Trevia II tray, Trevia III tray, Trevia IV tray, Trevia V tray, Trevia 900K tray