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The VersiWall is a vertical garden system, which is easy to assemble and maintain.

A retail set consists of 2 grids and 16 trays and can be extended to 24 trays.
The trays can be individually replaced or removed for wall maintenance or design changes. Each VersiWall GP tray has a water reservoir with a lid that is designed to contain a capillary core to reuse stored water and facilitate sustainable plant growth.

VersiWall trays allow planting distances of 200 mm and 250 mm horizontally and 150 mm and 225 mm vertically.
The installation can be carried out easily and safely by one person.

The VersiWall is made of UV-stabilised recycled polypropylene that meets the requirements for international "Green Building" certification.
VersiWall® GP offers flexible installation options to meet your needs.

* A wide range of plant species can be used.
* Drainage-uitlaat laat overtollig water in de onderliggende trays stromen of op de laagste worden weggeleid.
* The flexible vertical and horizontal dish spacing allows for variable planting densities and design options.
* Proprietary mounting panels facilitate do-it-yourself installation and easy mounting of trays.
* Contains 1.8 l of soil, equivalent to a flower box with a diameter of 150 mm.
* Wide tray of 200 mm for easy planting and space for branching of plants during their growth.

Material and dimensions
Material: recycled polypropylene
Colour: black
Dimension of the tray in mm:
Total: 195 (W) x 207 (H) x 192 (D)
Nominal: 200 (W) x 150 (H) x 195 (D)
Size of the mounting panel in mm :
Total: 418 (W) x 925 (H) x 22 (D)
Nominal: 400 (W) x 900 (H) x 22 (D)
Biological / chemical resistance
Is not affected by mould and algae
Good resistance to alkali and bitumen



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Retail set (2 grids + 16 trays)

Extension of trays

none, 2 trays extra per set, 4 trays extra per set, 8 trays extra per set