Royal Grass Artificial Grass


Does your garden face north and does grass grow with difficulty?
Or do you have no desire or time for gardening?
Then artificial grass is a modern solution that is suitable for many applications. Artificial grass is a beautiful and user-friendly alternative for the garden, but also on the balcony or roof terrace. Royal Grass® artificial grass looks beautiful and feels very comfortable, even when barefoot. This grass is safe for children, animals and the environment. It also meets international standards.


Royal Grass V-shape ®

Put your blade of grass under the microscope and you will see that it has a V-shape.
Royal Grass is the only artificial grass with that same patented V-shape. As a result, it stays nice and straight.

Micro Nerve Technology®

Real grass has a natural shine about it.
Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT) ensures that the shine of our grass is almost indistinguishable from real grass.

Realistic Directional Yarn®

Real grass is fickle. Every blade stands in a different direction.
With Realistic Directional Yarn (ReaDY), we have also been able to give the artificial grass that volatility.
This brings your artificial grass to life.

15-year warranty

15-year warranty on all defects that can be reasonably attributed to the manufacture of the turf.



We have different types of artificial grass to suit every taste.
Would you like to compare or view different types? Request a sample box.



 Lush Wave


Deluxe Silk35


Seda Sense