The Maxgreenwall is unique in its own right because of its appearance, portability and maintenance.
This wall not only brightens up your private environment but also your business environment. The Maxgreenwall also improves the health and air quality in your environment.
And let's face it, who doesn't like green?
It is inviting to look at. People feel better, are more relaxed and experience less stress.

The Maxgreenwall is a great opportunity to place more than 100 plants in your environment by installing this green wall. Because of the movability of the Maxgreenwall you can change your interior design as often as you like. When you order the Maxgreenwall a complete system will come your way.
The complete package includes the following: a wall with room for 104 plants, the special plant pots, an 80 kg water tank, a water pump, a drip line, a UV filter, 2 fans, and a grow light.
This green wall is affordable, easy to move and only needs watering once a month. All technical aspects can be controlled via a free application.

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Product Information

Height 221cm
Width 104cm
Depth 37cm
Water tank capacity 80L
Watering the plants Monthly
Sound of water pump 50dB
Weight Maxgreenwall 80kg
Total weight 200kg
Number of plants 104
Colour of the light White
Available colours Maxgreenwall wall Pure white - RAL9016
Graphite black - RAL9011
Plant assortment Air So Pure


Do It Yourself:

While you can easily choose from four pre-designed plant patterns (Air So Pure, Calmness, Life and Wilderness) you can also use and compose your own plants. You can order just the Maxgreen wall without plants and design the green wall as you wish.