Vertical gardens

Femox, Versiwall, Vertical Gardens
Set consists of:
2 frames of 40 x 90 cm and 16 trays.
You can expand this set with up to 8 additional trays.
The VersiWall is a vertical garden system that is easy to implement and maintain. The modules allow for different installation and creative planting possibilities.

The most important part of VersiWall is the VersiWall box. It is mounted directly on the VersiWall mounting plate. Due to 6 fastening points, mounting is easy. No additional screws and brackets are required. The removal of individual elements is possible at any time. Each area has its own water tank. Installation can be safely and easily performed by one person. If required, a watering system can be additionally installed.

This allows a wide range of planting media to be used.
drainage outlet allows excess water to flow into the trays below or to be discharged at the lowest level
The flexible vertical and horizontal dish spacing allows for variable planting densities and design options.
proprietary mounting panels facilitate do-it-yourself installation and easy mounting of trays.
contains 1.8 l of soil, equivalent to a plant pot with a diameter of 150 mm.
wide tray of 200 mm for easy planting and space for branching out plants during their growth.

Material and dimensions
recycled polypropylene
Tray dimensions in mm:
Total: 195 (W) x 207 (H) x 192 (D)
Nominal: 200 (W) x 150 (H) x 195 (D)
Size of the mounting panel in mm :
Total: 418 (W) x 925 (H) x 22 (D)
Nominal: 400 (W) x 900 (H) x 22 (D)
Biological / chemical resistance
Is not affected by mould and algae
Good resistance to alkali and bitumen

Stored water use
Reservoir cover with capillary function helps to sustain plant growth.
Anti-Lift arms prevent inadvertent dislodgement of trays.
6-point mounting
3 pairs of anchor hooks allow use of various mounting options.
Baffle plate
Distributes irrigation, prevents media spillage and allows trays to neatly overlap in close planting.
Plant density
Variable vertical and horizontal tray spacing allows different planting and design options.
Excess water flows into underlying trays or is discharged through drainage outlet.