Femox pedestal accessories

Ensures a constant distance to the wall and allows the water to flow down and reach the waterproofing layer.
Slope corrector (for head piece) for a balance between 0 to 5% in 1% increments.
SpiraPave from heights T12 upwards, attached onto top or bottom part
VersiJack attached onto top part.5mm additional height when using the slope corrector.To VersiJack or SpiraPave pedestals.

Batten holder

The batten holder is suitable for bars of 35-50mm or 50-80mm .

We have the following spacer tabs to SpiraPave & VersiJack in sortiment:

  • Joint 2mm/Height 12mm – Joint 2mm/Height 25mm
  • Joint 3mm/Height 15mm – Joint 3mm/Height 25mm
  • Joint 4mm/Height 25mm
  • Joint 5mm/Height 25mm
  • Joint 6mm/Height 15mm
  • Joint 8mm/Height 15mm
  • Joint 10mm/Height 25mm
The Femox rubber shim can compensate the different thicknesses of tiles or pavers. For this purpose, a quarter or a half can be laid to the corresponding corners of the tile.
For impact sound attenuation as well as slip resistance of the tiles or pavers, an entire rubber pad can be placed onto the pedestal.Rubber pads are available in 1mm and 2mm thickness.

Femox Rubber Band

The Femox rubber band is used to compensate the small irregluarities of the surface like overlaps of the roof membrane or other ” inconsistencies “. The rubber band ( 20 m long ) is available in 1 or 2 mm in thickness.