Verticale tuinen

The VersiWall is a vertical garden system, which is easy to deploy and maintain. The modules allow various installation and creative planting possibilities. The main component of VersiWall is the VersiWall tray. This is mounted directly on the VersiWall mounting plate. By 6 attachment points is the assembly easily possible: on concrete steel mats, steel rods or thight ropes.
A clamp prevents that the VersiWall tray is taken off accidentally carried away by the wind. No additional screws and brackets are required.

The removal of individual elements is possible at any time. Each plot has its own water reservoir. If desired, a watering system can be additonally installed. The installation can be performed safely and easily by one person.

Belangrijkste kenmerken

Stored water use
Reservoir cover with capillary function helps to sustain plant growth.
Anti-Lift arms prevent inadvertent dislodgement of trays.
6-point mounting
3 pairs of anchor hooks allow use of various mounting options.
Baffle plate
Distributes irrigation, prevents media spillage and allows trays to neatly overlap in close planting.
Plant density
Variabel vertical and horizontal tray spacing allows different planting and design options.
Excess water flows into underlying trays or is discharged through drainage outlet.